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September 2016

Second Presbyterian Church is located in Kansas City, MO. We can seat about 400 people in the sanctuary, and currently average about 300 a week, running two services weekly. We run a smaller service at 8:15am in our chapel, and then our larger service at 10:15 in the main sanctuary. Our worship style is traditional, although we could easily make the switch to contemporary worship. Our sanctuary is pretty tall – between 60’-70’ tall at the...

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A division of Hosa Technology, Mogan Microphones specializes in subminiature microphones for the music, theatrical, broadcast, House of Worship, and presentation markets. Mogan products utilize cutting-edge capsule designs that deliver high gain before feedback, detailed speech intelligibility, and the wide dynamic range essential for music performance. Our earset microphones deliver exceptional comfort for extended wear so as not to be distracting and are manufactured to the highest standards. Drawing from Hosa’s vast experience as a provider of connectivity solutions, Mogan microphones can be readily fitted for use with wireless systems from the world’s leading manufacturers.
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